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Bibi make up queen

Make up artist, photographer and more.



Hello, my name is Bibi make up queen.


Since my childhood I have an interest in beauty and wellness. When I could no longer practice my profession I retrained to be a make up artist. Throughout my education at the SIVO in Antwerp I learned a lot of this exciting industry. So I have done several shoots as a make up artist, I have done various dance shows and I have already gained initial experience in the film industry. But I put the bar higher each time because so I can see what I can achieve in terms of inspiration, technique and experience. So my interest is now mainly on movies, video clips and dance and theater.


Also, I’m a trained aroma therapist, ear and body candle therapist, stress counseling and I’m studying for orthomolecular nutritional counselor. Since beauty also comes from within, I saw these studies as an extension of my work as a makeup artist. Finally, I work with one of the most important organs of the human being, namely the skin. That is why I stand by my clients with advice and assistance when it comes to health and beauty. Furthermore, I blog about healthy beauty products and give you tips and tricks that you should look for when you buying these products. So you will often have fun and read interesting articles about beauty and health. I am also experienced expert as chronically ill, so you will also read about chronic diseases and what their impact is on your body.

I hope you will have lots of fun reading and hope you will visit my website.



With love,

Bibi makeup queen Do you have a project and looking for a passionate make up artist, then you can always contact me:


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