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How to apply foundation?

You do not want to walk with a mask on your face when you put on foundation, you respect quite a number of rules.


First we determine your skin tone. On the basis of the inner side of your wrist we are going to determine the undertone. You have an olive undertone (Spanish and Mediterranean types, mostly black people), a rose beige undertones. You take three
colors thereby lie closest to your undertone color. Then you put each color a little on your wrist. So you can see which distance running the complexion (color does not suit you) one comes very close to your skin tone. You can now apply this colour on your face.


How you do it?
You take a Japanese sponge (available from MAC). You make your sponge moist by keeping volatile from left to right under running water. Do not soak the sponge because then your foundation won't take a grip at your skin, but will run out .

In a mixing jar you put a little foundation cream. Cap now with your sponge in your foundation cream and gently spread it on your wrist so there is just enough to stay on your sponge. Now go all marking from the middle of your forehead you.

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So go slowly to your hair border. Work from left to right on the head. It is important that we work in parallel. So you better check that your foundation cream is applied evenly. Well apply the ears, most people forget and make you look like you wear a mask! The neckline we do in the following way. Seating on the pitch of the lower jaw down. Start with as little excess otherwise it will give a mask
effect. It is the intention that it fades towards the neck. That's more natural. So deep in the neck as is your cleavage. Nothing is as ugly as a half white / brown cleavage. Do not forget the sides of your neck to the hairline. Now you have a good foun- dation to make the rest of your makeup. Try it I would say! Then you can always follow my works- hops. So you never buy the wrong foundation cream and walk no more with a mask on!

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