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Ringana, 100% vegan!

Recently I found a beauty brand that's claiming to be 100% vegan. That's what I wanted to know, the details. So I contacted the company for clarification and if I could get a test kit to test it all out for myself.

The brand is called RINGANA and is a Swiss company dedicated to beauty products to make it as natural as possible. Their products are so fresh that they will remain only six months because many contain no harmful preservatives. Their philosophy, what you put on, you should be able to eat speaks for it selfs. I just want my body lubricate what is healthy and not detrimental to my health. Current beauty products contain today many harmful substances. You could already read in other articles on my blog.

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Their philosophy is built on six propositions:


They use only natural ingredients. NO artificial preservatives, NO manipulated genetic or chemical additives.


Demanding and ecological thinking are their goals. To include their products to have the most active substances that nature gives us and no valuable ingredients have lost these are harvested and processed in an efficient manner.


Since the company does not use preservatives, their products are perishable. That's where they boast.


Thinking about preserving a livable environment is economical use of raw materials for a philosophy of Rigana. Nature is at the base during the entire production process. This from the procurement to the recycling of production materials and packaging are recyclable.


From development to production of the production takes place all in one location. Thus, one can control quality to the production line.


They have received the certificate for the most outstanding company in Austria in the field of sustainability, innovation and entrepeneur. Now they go for the ECO label.

Another great detail.

If you have 10 of your empty bottles of beauty products you will get a nice gift. Because recycling is rewarded, and here we are happy with.

I expect each time the samples package and cannot wait to try it. Also for people with allergies as it is an ideal product.

Let me just sum up why.

They also have a range of nutritional supplements, but often these supplements are also filled with lactose, starch, milk etc .... Their nutritional supplements are lactose free, yeast free, free of milk products, synthetic vitamins free, free of preservative and colorant. They also do not contain any chemical taste enhancers and flavorings.


These supplements are ideal for people with lactose intolerance, milk intolerance, people who are allergic to taste enhancers or colorings.

I asked myself one thing. Are they gluten free? I asked the company that question by mail and I’m writing for the answer. I let you know when I’m writing the product review in a couple of week.

I'm already looking forward to the results when I tested the products.

These products are not available in stores but through home party system.


You can buy them here.

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