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Faith in nature Aloe Vera conditioner

Recently I found a website of a company that sells vegan beauty products.

I've written an email and I mentioned that I blog about beauty products and that I wanted to blog about their brand that they divide 'Faith in nature'.

A few days later I received a parcel with two large bottles
(250 ml) of this brand.
So it was not just a piece of sample, but a real bottle.
One was an aloe vera condititioner and the other one
the coconut shampoo.

Let's first discuss the aloe vera conditioner.

I was suprised I was offered a large bottle and not a small sample. So that allowed me to test the product for
a long period on my hair.

The smell of the conditioner was very pleasant and the
color of the balm is very light green. Just use it after you
washed your hair with the coconut shampoo. Leave it in
for 5 minutes, then you rinse it out. After the first use, my hair was already quite soft, smelled good and what is important, my hair was easy to comb. My hair knots verry hard and this conditioner made me comb my hair painless and smooth.

The ingredients in these conditioner are the following:
water, cetearyl alchol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, brassica campestris seed oil, citrus oil from the peel, citrusaurantifolia oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, cetri-monium chloride, tocopherol, hella osmanthus annuus seed oil, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbats, citric acid, limonene, citral.

All composed of organic, vegatarian or essential oils. 100% natural. The product expires within 6 months
after opening. Handy is the ingredients list in 12 languages attached to the product.

The brand 'Faith in Nature' is labeled organic ingredients, the label-friendly, and the label is a vegan product.

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Source: from website vestinternational.

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