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Smoothies, a hype?

Today smoothies are a real hype. Everywhere you see in any city you will find smoothie bars.

What are smoothies? The phenomenon has come  from America and is a drink made from fresh fruits and / or vegetables.

But actually it was a completely different product. Wikipedia says the following: A smoothie is an ice cream made from pure fruit, mashed and made into ice cream. Real Smoothie ice creams have a high percentage of fruit and fall under the category of fruit ice cream. Smoothies and Strawberry-Banana, Kiwi Banana or Peach-Mango have as fruit ice cream a fruit content of 90% and 10% sugar. A very healthy ice cream so. Meanwhile, they are well established and are either made of pure fruit or vegetables with a little milk or yogurt added to it. Moreover, smoothies are a bomb in vitamins and minerals and fiber, so ideal as a snack or after exercise in the gym. Moreover, our body takes these nutrients more easily in this form. Smoothies drunk on a regular basis gives your immune system a boost. And did you know that you also get a nice skin and beautiful nails and  healthy hair?

Quick give me a smoothie!

Smoothies just for yuppies?

No, it is not! 


When I worked in the kitchens as a chef at the port of Antwerp, I have those tough dockers learn to drink smoothies. You know dockers doing heavy physical work and they swore up with eggs and bacon. The greasier the more comfortable I would say, but how you get those men on healthy eating? Because that was for sissies they told me. Well quite canny huh. I first made a banana smoothie with mint and fresh yogurt and gave at each meal one free, let's say a sample. After a week I could not keep up with the demand and they asked variations. Finally I had converted these tough men with their little heart. So smoothies are so hip that even the tough guys fall for the smoothie content. Never drank a smoothie before and you want it to try at home? Start with a sweet taste, but do not add sugar. Like the taste you can experiment by mixing vegetables and fruits together, you can also add honey, herbs if you want to create truly unique flavors.


Did you know you can lose weight by drinking smoothies? Well I tried it out. For two months I drank every morning and for lunch a smoothie. Dinner was business as usual, potatoes, lots of veggies and a piece of meat. The smoothies I made with fruit and veggies that contain a lot of water. These veggies and fruits are:

Pine apple ( fat burner), melon ( all sorts of melon), grapes, oranges, strawberries, black berries, red berries, celery, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, most of green vegetables.

And guess what? I lost 5 kg the first month! The next month was about 2 kg. Now my weight is back normal, but I still drink my smoothie every day!

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