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What are essential oils?

Essential oils. Essential oils are oils drawn from petals, bark, roots or stems of plants. By distilation proces obtained with the pure oil with all characteristics of the plant. For centuries essential oils are used for wellness, health and beauty. Essential oils can be used for the mental and the physical health.If aromatherapist I like to spend my knowledge on how to work at home with essential oils.

There is only one rule: Tell your doctor if you want to use essential oils. Some essential oils can interfere with the operation of your medications with sometimes serious consequences, but also because some essential oils can not be suitable for children and pregnant women.

Please note that some essential oils are toxic and are extremely with the necessary care to be administered !! Please also always contact a certified aroma therapist in your area.

I will discuss essential oils. How it works where you apply it, and a few examples of recipes. every week you will find a new article about an essential oil and how it can benefit your health. You can buy essential oils in the reform or bio shop. Don't save some money: go for quality products !!!

There are synthetic oils on the market, and that could inflict serious damage !! That's why they are so cheap! So buy your essential oils not in the super market, but at the pharmacy, bio or reform shop. They can also inform you further and give you advice. The salesmen/woman are often certified, good educated people in that area.

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