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Author: Camila Santamaria

Are you tired of your regular breakfast?


During the week we usually don’t have time to prepare a good breakfast and we always end up having the same: some cereal, fruits, yoghurt and maybe a sandwich. I remembered when I worked I had every morning a cup of tea with some bread with ham and cheese, which of course I like, but I believe that once in a while is good to change your routine.

I’ve never been to Israel, but when I was in south India I went to a lot of places that were full of Israelis traveling (we all know how the love to travel). So local restaurants will adjust their menus for the convenience of their costumers.


In almost every restaurant in a touristic place in south India you will have the option of Indian breakfast (usually consists on an aalo piranha with yoghurt and masala chai) or Israeli breakfast, which I started to order once I realised I was having too much indian food and I needed a change.

Is really easy to make and it’s definitely really different of what we are used to have as a western breakfast. It basically consists on eggs, humus, salad and pita bread.

They usually serve it like fried eggs but of course you can choose your favorite preparation. If you like eggs Benedict check out the correct way of making them.

1 jar of chickpeas
Juice from 1 lemon
Half a teaspoon of salt
1 spoon of garlic (powder)
1 spoon of tahini (sesame seed paste you can find in any supermarket, usually in the international food aisle)
Olive oil

First put the chickpeas (without the juice from the jar) in a bowl and create a paste using a hand food processor. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Blend for a couple of minutes until all the ingredients are smooth and mixed.
If you love humus check out my recipe for making humus as an appetizer.

Green bell pepper
Black olives

Cut everything in squares, except for the olives. Mix them up in a bowl with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.
It is a good idea to have all the vegetables cut in the fridge in a bowl without the dressing so you can have it for more than a day.
I found it so weird at the beginning, to have a salad as breakfast, because I was used to fruit salad only but Israelis told me they love it and now I do!

Serve everything on a flat plate with some warm pita bread.

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