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Author: Camila Santamaria

Recently I spent a month and a half in the beautiful mountains of Canada. I’ve always lived in a city and never had to worry about food supplies because I’ve always had a supermarket or grocery store near by. But when I was staying in Whistler, British Columbia I realized that buying groceries was pretty much a challenge because I was in the middle of the mountains. Of course this is the XXI and Whistler has groceries stores, don’t get me wrong. The problem was that the food was really expensive, specially fresh food.

Because I’m traveling on a budget I can’t afford to pay 15 USD for a chicken breast or 20 USD for a tiny steak. Maybe once in a while to cook a nice meal but I couldn’t make them part of my weekly shopping. I used to hitchhike to Squamish -the previous town- that had a Wallmart with my empty backpack to fill it in with food supplies.

I bought a lot of tuna in a can. It’s cheap and can last months. It’s easy to carry them for picnic or camping. I bet all of you have tuna at home. If you’re too lazy to cook just open a can of tuna and put it in a sandwich or on top a salad. Or you can continue reading and try this easy and quick recipe.


– 2 cans of tuna
– 1 medium oniun or half a big onion
– Half cup of chopped parsley
– 1 egg – Half cup of breadcrumbs**
– Salt and pepper

**GLUTEN FREE VERSION You can replace the breadcrumbs for gluten free flour.


Step by Step

In a pan with a little bit of oil put the chopped onions and fry them till they get lightly brown.


In a bowl mix the tuna with the chopped parsley, the egg and the breadcrumbs. Add salt and pepper.

When the onions are not hot anymore add them to the bowl and mix everything. Using your hands make small balls of the mix and smash them a little bit so they have the shape of a hamburger. They should be the size of half your hand.

In the same pan put some more oil and cook them at medium temperature. Cook each side for aprox. 3-4 minutes or until each side is brown.

Serving suggestions
You can put them inside a bun with some vegetables like a regular hamburger. Also you can have them with rice, or mashed potatoes or salad. Doesn’t have to be necessary inside a bun.

You can eat them cold or hot. They are tasty both ways!

This is how my tuna hamburgers look. I don’t have a picture so I had to steal this one from that looks just like mine!

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